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Calm Strength


Tulsi + anise hyssop leaf + flower infused into organic apple cider vinegar + honey

An oxymel for supporting your adrenals + nervous system.

Tulsi is the most nourishing and supportive of herbs, an adaptogen with greater and greater influence on calming + soothing nerves + stress response if used consistently over time as a tonic. Tulsi is packed with plant chemicals that protect + detoxify organs + tissues, particularly our liver. Chronic stress + overstimulation is toxic: over time stress degrades cellular structure as well as mental + emotional function. Adaptogens such as tulsi provide sustained protection + restoration, strengthening cellular boundaries to keep harmful substances out while rebuilding + replenishing affected cells + organs.

Anise hyssop is a nervine, a plant calming + soothing to the nervous system thanks to its action as a mild sedative. Anise hyssop is also considered a cardiac, an herb used to strengthen your heart. The gentle fragrance + sweet taste are uplifting + restorative. Together these two herbs promote a gentle + centered response to the effects of daily stress on our bodies.

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