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Heal-All Salve

$20.00 - Coming soon

A luscious blend of yarrow, calendula + spilanthes leaf + flower infused into organic olive oil + local wild beeswax perfect for healing cuts, scrapes, burns + dry skin. Apply this salve liberally to areas of irritation or recent injury. This salve will prevent infection + promote healing without scarring. Our skin is our largest organ + our first line of defense against illness + infection.

Yarrow, one of the most beloved + versatile of medicinal plants, has delicate fern leaves with antibiotic qualities which protect open cuts + scrapes from infection.

Calendula’s sticky yellow + orange blooms are full of resin with powerful cell regenerative qualities, useful in healing cuts + reducing scar tissue.

Spilanthes is another antibiotic and anti-viral plant which supports rapid healing + prevents infection.

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